Community seating, tables and bar stools

Home-office chairs and armchairs to decorate community, conference and convention areas

A very important aspect that Leyform follow for conference / convention chair or tub seating project is that users does not slide forward with the posture during the event or symposium, for example writing notes on a tablet or listening the seminar or convention. For this reason conference and seminar chairs must have a surface that provides a sufficient friction on contact areas with the user body; in this case the correct posture that came from the type of activity to which the user is focusing at a certain time - for example with chest and head facing forward if you are writing on a tablet if you are seat on a 4 legs chair or armchair - is fundamental to avoid stress or pain muscled. Leyform pays a special attention to ergonomics design of their conference and community seating so that the angle between the seat and back is connected by a rigid element to avoid such hassles.

Multi-Purpose tables for community areas

Multi-Purpose tables system by Leyform is formed by stackable and nesting tables; with the ability to be moved easily from room to room with them you can quickly create functional spaces that are at once elegant and functional for

The various sizes and finishes available are designed to fit every need of space and furniture. All tables for community centres use 5 years guarantee on all mechanical parts.

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